About Us

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The BrightCell Logistics was developed in 2022, an initiative to refresh our original brand 'Brightstar' which has been around since the company was founded by Marcelo Claure in 1997. We are based in Miami, FL and proud of our history. We manage the end-to-end supply chain for large players in the Cellular Telephony industry, our services include the purchase, warehousing, and intelligent management of mobile equipment inventory, as well as specialized shipping to points of sale and end users and the required reverse logistics. We are the number one provider in this type of services in key markets in Latin America.

Our clients are mostly mobile network operators (Telcos), but we also work with traditional and digital retailers and manufacturers of devices and accessories. We work in partnership with these brands, and as part of this we serve their end users directly. Over time, as our services have developed, so has our end-user exposure. Some of our main clients include Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Telefónica, Tigo, Claro and many others.


We believe in the digital transformation where mobile devices drive LATAM forward in the global economy.
We provide the expertise for large carriers and OEMs to optimize their physical operations.


Be the partner our customers trust with their supply chain services

  • Be the backbone of our clients’ physical operations

  • Be the innovator who delivers a competitive advantage for our clients


  • Local Market Understanding
  • Tailor Solutions
  • Agile and Responsive

Geographical Presence

  • Chile
  • Peru
  • Colombia
  • Mexico
  • Puerto Rico
  • Miami